VKGPSTracker Fuel GPS tracker GPS Device


VKGPSTracker Fuel GPS tracker GPS Device


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Reduce Fuel Theft Our fuel tracking device will help you stay one step ahead of theft. Receive immediate alerts regarding fuel loss and see how much fuel your car typically uses. You will receive precise gasoline refill and drain position updates on a map as well as information about the current status of the fuel level thanks to the Remote Tank Monitor in the VKGPSTRACKER fuel consumption metre. Reports on Fuel Efficiency Obtain detailed information about your vehicle’s whole fuel log. With the aid of our gasoline tank level sensor, you may get thorough reports on fueling, draining, and mileage Detection of Fuel Wastage Utilize the VKGPSTRACKER fuel monitoring sensor to reduce fuel consumption by being aware of idling and other bad driving habits. Create and examine daily, weekly, or monthly fuel cost reports to assess gasoline prices and consumption and reduce theft and pilferage. Fuel Analytics Reports: There are many fuel analytics reports that offer thorough details on the quantity of fuel used per asset and per journey, enabling you to budget your costs over time.


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