Real Time Bus GPS Tracking System In India

Fast & secure way to manage &track your bus with VKGPSTracker GPS Tracker

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Intelligent Bus Tracking

Get the ability to see the real time location of all your buses at once. Now you can access all the data related to your fleet with the click of a button with our bus tracking system.

Route Optimisation and Geofence

Demarcate areas of relevance for your fleet of buses using VKGPS Tracker  bus tracking system using GPS. Get instant alerts when the buses enter or exit the defined areas with Geofencing.

Real Time Alerts

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit bus points, monitor idling in real time, etc. Manage the services and maintenance alerts with our GPS bus tracking app.

Bus Health Diagnosis

Get mileage report and health report of your buses fleet with our bus location tracker. Now you can worry less about the well-being of your fleet and focus on customization. Makes it very easy and profitable for your business operation

Emergency SOS Button

Emergency SOS button allows passengers to send distress call in case of any mishap. By taking advantage of our Bus GPS Tracker, you can ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Control Fuel Costs

GPS tracking system and FASTag from VKGPSTracker can help you save fuel expenses. You can track your driver’s behavior, reduce excessive idle time and make a huge savings on fuel charges.

Real Time Updates

Our bus tracking app efficiently provides location and point to point updates, all in real time. Get instant information about the route taken by the buses in your fleet, and know their exact location in real time. They can also manage their entire schedule easily. VKGPStracker’s online bus tracking system ensures that buses stick to their schedules and avoid delays.


Profitable Operation

You can increase transparency in your fleet of buses by employing VKGPStracker Bus GPS Tracking Software. By integrating Bus Tracker into your fleet management system, your maintenance costs are reduced along with maximum efficiency. And you can verify that safe driving practices are being followed on the road and that our Bus Tracking Receive speed alerts, idle alerts and more with the app.                                                                                                   

Enhanced Compatibility

Our bus tracking system is compatible with all types of buses, making the integration of GPS tracking devices for buses a seamless process. VKGPSTracker’s technology ensures that our bus location app works well on Android as well as iOS. You can now use our live bus tracking app to get a comprehensive view of the buses in your fleet and how your drivers are performing. And you can find out if your fleet is on the right track

A real time monitoring system for your bus

With VKGPSTracker’s bus monitoring system your business progress is in a safe hands. One point of management, our bus monitoring system based on GPS promises to provide exceptional quality in terms of technology and service. Our goal is to make bus monitoring a simple and easy and effective activity for you and your business. In our endeavor to revolutionize the transport landscape of India, our real time monitoring system along with your bus fleet can make a very positive impact. And one step can be taken forward in the field of technology.

General FAQS

Manual fleet management is a thing of the past. A commercial truck GPS can help you manage all your trucks at the same time, without each of them being physically present yourself. So you can take advantage of commercial truck tracking devices to monitor trucks on the road, and control their functionality with the help of a simple GPS truck tracking app. In addition, as much as what you spend on truck GPS cost, it will yield a significant return on your business costs. This will further streamline your freight operations and take your business to newer heights. And you can be sure that all the tracks in your fleet are running on assured routes.

Public and commercial transport in India operates with many constraints and problems. But with VKGPStracker, bus tracking has enabled the transport sector to overcome these hurdles. Now fleet owners and managers can monitor all buses from the comfort of their home or office, whether on the road or off. Our GPS Bus Tracking App empowers you to check the performance of your fleet and take care of its health and safety. And at the same time make sure that all the vehicles in your fleet are running on the correct route.

You can get our Bus GPS Tracking System for Android as well as iOS. Also you can easily watch it on desktop or laptop also.