Why is VkgpsTracker’s GPS bike tracker the best in India?


Stay assured about the safety of your bike, wherever it may be. VkgpsTracker’s motorcycle GPS tracker lets you intelligently track and monitor your asset to avoid theft or harm.



VkgpsTracker’s Motorcycle GPS system gives you control over locking and unlocking your bike from remote locations. Employ our GPS locator for bike to ensure complete control over your vehicle



Get instant alerts on over speeding, entry and exit points, unwarranted idling, etc. with our bike GPS security system. Manage servicing and maintenance on a single platform



With a real time GPS location tracker for bikes, you can get all diagnostic reports, from mileage to health. Now enjoy a great experience on the road with the best bike GPS tracker.



Our GPS tracking device for motorcycles delivers complete visibility over your vehicle. Track every movement your bike makes and ensure that it is parked where it is supposed to be


VkgpsTracker helps you save big on fuel expenditure and manage your operational costs. Now monitor the driver’s behaviour and scale down on idling with our online GPS location tracker for bike

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Our Bike GPS Tracking Device Has It All

For motorcycle owners in India, poorly managed roadways and rampant vehicle thefts are the major problems they face. And navigating through the roads in India is no easy endeavor, especially for vehicle owners. To solve this problem, a small GPS tracking device for bike can be the answer to the troubles of the vehicle owner. You can track your bike, and get detailed reports about its well being. From engine health to ignition status to overspeeding, you can stay on top of the entire function and movement of your motorcycle. Invest in VKGPSTracker best GPS Tracking Device for Bike in India to drive and manage your vehicle with ease.